home buying snacks

So this is something

So, here’s another blog.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

I really wanted to create this blog to document my not so magical journey of buying my first home.

I’ve learned so many things about home buying the hard way.. buying my first home has taken around two years from start to almost finish (I should be closing this Thursday if all goes according to plan).

I just really feel like there’s so much that goes into it that no one ever told me and I’m sure there are other non-married-doing-it-on-your-owners out there that maybe could benefit from my story and not make the same mistakes I did. Who knows. (*please note that while I will be writing about my experiences on finances and home buying, I am not an accountant, your financial advisor, a loan officer, or anything legit like that. I’m a dang makeup artist who works in beauty sales. So, yeah)

While a good chunk of my blog will be about this whole crazy thing I decided To do, I’ll try to post some goodies in there too like beauty, bugs, and who knows what other random stuff.

Enjoy! (Hopefully)

Me and my lizard Ted. Ted says hi. 


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